Referral Program


Tell A Friend About Alternative Energy Sources

These days, everyone has access to the power of solar technology. With that in mind, the professionals at Hytech understand how imperative it is that you get the right style of solar panels for your home or business. As more of the population has begun to adopt this go-green mentality, we also find that more people are asking questions about what solar power can do for them.

If you already have solar panels from Hytech Solar, then you’re well aware of the immense benefits you’ve experienced by making the switch. But what about your friends, family, and neighbors? Do you know someone who may benefit from going solar? We want to reward you for encouraging friends and family to reap the many financial and environmental benefits of investing in a solar power system.

When you refer another individual, we will make the effort to reach out to them and schedule a FREE, no-obligation, no-pressure consultation. If your referral decides to move forward, we will then design a system that meets their needs, discuss all the savings they can benefit from, and show them what a great choice it is work with Hytech Solar.

As a way to thank you for encouraging others in joining our mission, we will send you $500 as soon as their solar panel installation is complete. It’s that simple – a win-win for everyone involved.


Solar Party

Want another way to encourage your friends and family to join the solar movement and invest in alternative energy sources? Let Hytech Solar help you host a solar party. Hosting a solar party is simple and can take place in your home or yard, on your own time. We’ll assist you along the way, informing your guests about what it means to go solar and answering any questions your guests may have. In fact, the fun doesn’t stop there!  Because we love your passion for spreading the word of solar, you will receive $500 for each guest that attends and pursues the installation process with Hytech Solar.

Contact us today to learn more about hosting your very own Solar party!